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International telephone calls can be made from most hotels, although prices are very high in comparison to public Call Centers. Another option is the Internet, which is available at most *** and **** hotels with in Ashgabat. In ***** hotels wifi Internet is available, but it is best to seek information from our agency team if the hotel you select has wifi Internet, prior to bringing a laptop or tablet with you.

Please note that not all foreign mobile service providers have a service contract with a mobile phone provider inside Turkmenistan, and that your mobile phone may therefore not operate during your stay in Turkmenistan (and if it does, it will mainly be in the most densely populated areas only). The cell phone provider in Turkmenistan with service agreements with other foreign providers is called MTS TM (a sister company of the Russia-based MTS). You can contact your own service provider to ask for an update on their service contract with MTS.