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How to get to Turkmenistan

Our country is easily accessible not only by air, but by land as well.

The international airport of Ashgabat is one of Turkmenistan’s major gateways. The National Airline of Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan Airlines, abbreviation T5) operates regular flights to Frankfurt, Moscow, Kiev, Almaty, London, Birmingham, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Peking, Urumqi, Amritsar and Bangkok. Since independence the national airline of Turkmenistan has completely replenished its fleet with Boeing aircrafts.

Several foreign air-carriers operate flights to Ashgabat: Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Fly Dubai, Belavia and S7/Siberia Airlines. Turkish Airlines has daily flights between Istanbul and Ashgabat, and is most frequently used by travelers coming from Europe. Lufthansa has four flights from Frankfurt, with a stop-over in Baku (Azerbaijan). For more details on these international flights, please check out the internet or contact us.

Tourists coming from Nukus, Khiva, Bukhara or northern Iran can reach Turkmenistan over land: from Khiva to Dashoguz (Shavat crossing), from Nukus to Kunya Urgench (Khojeyli crossing), from Bukhara to Turkmenabad (Farab crossing), and from Mashhad to Ashgabat (Gaudan/Bajgiran crossing). 

Turkmenbashi port is the sea gate to Central Asia. Tourists coming from Baku in Azerbaijan can reach Turkmenistan by crossing the Caspian Sea by ferry. The drawback of the ferry is that it has an irregular timetable, so you will have to have a flexible travel itinerary and spare time built in. You are required to have your Turkmenistan visa in your passport before you will be allowed to access the ferry.

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