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Family R., The Netherlands

May 2017

We would like to thank you for organizing our trip through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
It is, as you have already indicated, become a truly beautiful journey. The culture, the museums, the cities are very special to go to, but certainly the meeting with all the people in these two countries has been a great experience. We can say that we enjoyed enormously from the moment of departure to the moment of return. This has been possible thanks to your commitment and perfect organization. Everything taken care of, the info, the transportation, the hotels in these two countries, the excellent and special guides, it was all seamlessly coordinated. We are therefore looking back with a warm feeling on those two weeks and this feeling will definitely continue to pursue. Thank you very much.

Family B., The Netherlands

April 2017

We had a great trip. Good hotels, great care. Cars were always there, perfectly taken care of. Thanks for the organization.

H.O., Sweden

January 2017

Just a few lines to say thank you for a great visit to Ashgabat and surroundings. We had a fantastic visit, both in the city, in Nissa, and at the crater at Darwaza. We would like to express our compliments to your company and to your excellent people – Jabbar and our driver.

Birgit F., Deutsch

October 2016

Unterkünfte, Mahlzeiten, Transport – das alles war sehr gut. Lena ist eine ausgezeichnete Reiseführerin. Das schönste an die Reise war, dass wir nicht nur Sehenswürdigkeiten gesehen haben, sondern auch viel über das Land und die Menschen erfahren haben.

E.G. (2 persons on a 13-day journey through Turkmenistan), Portuguese

April 2016

Accommodation, meals, transport and guide services were all of good quality. Turkmenistan is a very nice country to travel, very interesting, beautiful natural sites. Colorful and pleasant people, always smiling. Safe and organized.

G.K. (group of 9), Deutsch

April 2016

Die Reise war sehr interessant und abwechslungsreich. Wir konnten Land und Leute kennenlernen und fühlten uns überall sicher und wohl. Der Kontrast zwischen Stadt und Land ist sehr groß in vielen Bereichen.

A.K. (group of 9), Austria

April 2016

All accommodation was very good. We were very happy with the driver and we had the best guide possible. Very friendly, warm and helpful. Her German is perfect. Thanks to her we had a very good impression and we learned many aspects and saw so many interesting points. We are sure we will try to come again.

M.M., British

October 2015

I am writing to thank you very much for your warm hospitality when we visited your marvellous country recently.  We much enjoyed your company, and your generosity in providing the excellent vodka was much appreciated ! Overall, our trip was excellent, and I have written to [UK tour operator] to tell them that.   May I say what a superb guide we had in Jabbar  -  he was a splendid companion and an outstanding guide.  Please will you thank him most warmly on our behalf for all his many kindnesses.

I am telling all my friends that Owadan is a first class company, and deserves a lot of business ! Again, we send our thanks for a memorable holiday.  Turkmenistan is really a wonderful country.

L.D. (on a 13-day journey through Turkmenistan), British

October 2015

The hotels surpassed my expectations. The camp settings and meals were good. It was a very comprehensive and enjoyable tour. First class guide, excellent driver, comfortable vehicle. The trip far exceeded my expectations. Many thanks.

Christian Lauwers, Belgium

August 2015

Hotel and restaurants were ok, tent, camp meals and picnic lunches were good. Driver and guide were very good. I am very happy with Owadan. And it’s of course the guide that makes it all very appreciated. Ashgabat is of course impressive. Merw and Kunya Urgench delivered what was expected. The crater at Darwaza: most impressive.


June 2015

Turkmenistan is a unique country, which is absolutely worth visiting. Quality of all services was excellent and more than we expected. Guides were very professional, attentive and knowledgeable. Drivers were careful and polite.

H.W., Swiss

June 2015

Turkmenistan was a new country for us. Very clean and excellent roads in Ashgabat. Darwaza was very impressive and unique. Nice and friendly people. Owadan is very professional and has personnel that is very well qualified. Very good knowledge of history and actual information.

N.H., Japanese

May 2015

I did not expect such a good tour before coming here. Everything was much better than my expectation. Accommodation, meals, sightseeing. Especially staff were excellent. I was really impressed. I am coming next year and want to visit not only Ashgabat, May, Darwaza and Yangikala but also Koytendag. I want to combine the next trip with Mangistau in Kazakhstan or Iran, or both.

L.K and E.K, German

May 2015

Accommodation, meals, transportation and guide services were all very good. Turkmenistan is an upcoming country with impressive landscapes. We will come again. Owadan is very professional, well organized and high standard.

E.E., British

May 2015

The personnel in state hotels and state restaurants was terrible. The Owadan transport and guide were brilliant. Jabbar is the best. The journey was eye-opening. The country is inspirational.

S.B., Swiss

May 2015

A country like Turkmenistan was a new experience. It’s unique. We are very pleased with the services of Owadan. You did your best to meet our wishes. Thank you for that!

Chris P. and L.T., British

May 2015

We have really enjoyed our 5-day trip. Turkmenistan has exceeded our expectations. We have seen a wonderful selection of cities, villages, scenery and sites and have loved them all. Owadan Tourism helped us squeeze in as many things as possible in such a short time. Very good hotels, very good camp food, excellent and punctual driver and excellent guide.

Monika Pintar, Slovene

December 2014

Turkmenistan is a very nice country to travel. Extremely friendly people, safe place to travel. One of the most historical places we ever visited, so it should be more proposed to foreign countries.

A.D. (Tour leader of group of 17 on 13-day journey through Turkmenistan), German

November 2014

Your crew did a very good job. Especially our guide Maksat, he was a really sympathetic guy and I really appreciated to work with him. The bus driver was as well super-sympathetic and safe in his driving. The tour was intelligently created and for future trips we will do them with Owadan of course. The camping was good, the equipment (tents, sleeping bags) excellent, the jeeps were new and the jeep drivers were loved by our group. So, once again, thank you so much for this brilliant trip!

Participant of group of 9 on a 16-day Turkmenistan journey), The Netherlands

October 2014

We gained a good impression of Turkmenistan, both city life and life in more remote areas. The present culture and development of the country were nicely combined with the history of your country, which is very rich indeed.

K.D. (group of 5 from UK on 15-day Turkmenistan journey), British

October 2014

Accommodation was excellent everywhere, except Hotel Deniz in Awaza, which was dusty and dirty. The meals were all very good; the picnic meals were well selected and the camp meals were generous. The transport was clean throughout, but the aircon in the minibus was poor. The drivers were good, especially in the desert. The guide was excellent, with a sense of humor and keen to learn. She was very thoughtful and extremely capable and professional, thank you! Turkmenistan is a vast country of huge contrasts. Owadan Tourism enabled us to have an excellent insight into these contrasts in a well-managed tour. Although some journeys were very long, each day brought unexpected surprises – superb!

Kiran Oza (group of 5 from UK on 15-day Turkmenistan journey), Indian

October 2014

All services provided by Owadan were excellent. Being vegetarian, Owadan did its best and I am well satisfied with the food at all places.

L.P., American

October 2014

Nusay Hotel was very good, Mary was ok. We loved the camp at the gas crater. Meals were fine, transport very good and guide services very very good!! Turkmenistan was very interesting and has amazing natural richness. Thanks!!!

L.M., Italian

August 2014

The transport was very good, our Italian-speaking guide Serdar was excellent. Our impression of Turkmenistan is very good and we were very surprised how interesting Turkmenistan was.

U.S. (group of 3), Italy, Finland

October 2013

In Jeyhun Hotel the state of the installation is not so good. Our driver was excellent and our guide wonderful. Owadan Tourism provides excellent professional services. We want to come back. Orazio is a good cook!

F.H and B.H, Germany

October 2013

Accommodation and meals were very good. The vehicle was top, and the driver excellent!! Our guide spoke German and was excellent in every way. It was a very interesting and informative tour. We have no recommendations, because all of our wishes have been 100% fulfilled.

K.H and M.M, Switzerland

August 2013

Our original program was more than accomplished (many extras). We loved the local food. We had a new car with aircon, it was very clean and the driver was very friendly. Our guide was very friendly and experienced. The impression of Turkmenistan was really great, it was very good with the Owadan crew. We can recommend this tour to everyone.

M.A., Tour leader, Australia

June 2013

Hotel accommodation, meals, transport and guide services all excellent. Very professional service; I am happy to return and recommend this company.

M.E., Germany

June 2013

Excellent meals, friendly and helpful Owadan driver, and excellent guide: we couldn’t have had a better guide. Everything was perfect. Thanks for your organization. We had great holidays in Turkmenistan.

N.A., Switzerland

April 2013

All services were good. The driver was excellent and very helpful with the recovery of baggage [Turkish Airlines 1 day delay in luggage arrival]. The guide was excellent, very concerned about wellbeing, never in a hurry. The program had a good choice of sights and museums. It was more exciting than expected. Very interesting country. Company service personal and attentive. The crater visit camp meal and night in the open: very nicely organized, wonderful atmosphere.

B.L., Tour leader, Malaysia (on a tour covering all five Stans of Central Asia)

April 2013

Turkmenistan gave a very good impression to me and I will suggest to have Turkmenistan solo tour or only in combination with Uzbekistan in the future, to be able to see more. Keep on using the good luxury hotel.

L.K., Austria

May 2012

Hotel Oguzkent Sofitel was excellent, the restaurant meals perfect. The transport was good and clean, and the driver very good. The guide was excellent and very helpful, really perfect. We were surprised about how modern the new city is, clean and wonderful. The trip was very interesting.

M., Tour leader, Denmark, Sweden

May 2012

All services were excellent! Nothing to criticize, nothing to complain. Our group of 4 was guided and services by friendly and professional people with a positive attitude. Thank you very much. We happily return!